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"I had been working with youth and their families  for many years and was inspired go "deeper" with my practice and to incoporate mindfulness exclusively in my work after seeing a 5-year- old meditating in 2011.  I also was inspired by my own mindfulness practice, continuous learning for many years, as well as other formative tools,  and  the possibility that all people may have access to these simple, but powerful tools starting first, with deaf youth"-  Rachel Postovoit, Certified Mindfulness Facilitator,  A.M.A.S.  Founder, LCSW., M.S.




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Mindfulness, Adaptability, Sustainability, in ASL 


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     "We learned so much!! Thank you!! Things we learned: self-regulation, how to redirect our thoughts under stress, breathing techniques, and to be in touch with your inner self before you say or do something.”

-Dr. Nancy Hlibok-Amann, former Madison High School Teacher,  San Diego, CA.

     "Thank you for coming out to work with our students! We worked a lot on mindfulness, specifically teaching the kids to pause during stressful situations and ground themselves. The lessons were created with deaf students in mind. Most lessons had discussion and visual aids or hands on activities to go with them. It was awesome! I saw students develop a new way to calm themselves and witnessed them communicating with each other more.  Thank you!” 

- Amy Seaman, Helix High School Teacher, San Diego, CA.

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"I have never gotten better grades before, had better relationships with my friends, or my mom, and most of all, I feel better about myself!" 

A high school client, San Diego, CA.

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Meditation by the sea 2016-1-3-7:18:40
Meditation by the sea 2016-1-3-7:18:40
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